Cyber Security

for the

Internet of Things



BG Networks is an IoT security software company that offers engineering services to make your connected embedded devices secure.

BG Networks’ Security Suite Tools

BG Networks’ vision is to enable IoT security everywhere. With our Security Suite Tools, we aim to remove obstacles that prevent embedded engineers from including cybersecurity from their applications.

Our Security Automation Tool (BGN-SAT) and Embedded Security Software Architecture (BGN-ESSA) are easy-to-use, time saving tools so engineers can implement complex security protocols without a cryptographic background.

Incorporating best-in-class, open-source security functionality, the BGN-SAT and BGN-ESSA compliment each other to easily add IoT cybersecurity foundations like secure boot, encryption, authentication, and secure software updates quickly and efficiently.

The State of IoT Security

The number of Machine to Machine (M2M) IoT devices is growing at a 19% rate.

Because of this growth, adversaries are more motivated, better funded, and more capable than ever.

BG Networks can help secure your embedded devices against adversaries and comply to regulations, standards, and best practices.

See our latest article titled “Automotive Cybersecurity: Major Changes Underway” on discussing the cybersecurity challenges in the Automotive industry.

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Consulting Services

BG Networks has a unique perspective on cybersecurity. It comes from an extensive background developing embedded systems.

We understand how to write very efficient software that takes advantage of all a processor has to offer.

For security, this means leveraging features in silicon such as secure boot, crypto accelerators, and tamper detection.

With this background and in collaboration with our partners, we will provide the most secure and cost efficient developments possible.

Significant changes are underway for automotive cybersecurity. For more information on our ISO/SAE 21434 services see the link below



We can make the security resources on an ECU’s embedded processor easily accessible to Linux, a RTOS, or your AutoSAR cryptographic services for the most secure and efficient design possible


We can develop the required security software, such as an implementation of secure passwords, so your product can obtain certifications or be ready for new cyber security laws


We can provide the building blocks of cyber security to help protect OT assets such as Industrial Control Systems and contribute to a defense in depth approach against nation-state attacks