We love talking about IoT cybersecurity

We think that cybersecurity for IoT is too hard and it’s our goal to solve this problem. One way we do this is by providing our expertise on topics ranging from security assessments to processor security features to code development.

We are happy to answer questions or provide a consultation. If your preference is to have an email dialog that is fine with us. If you prefer a Zoom call, no problem, just let us know.



Cryptography for IoT

There are many options for cryptography and we can talk about options. A good foundation will include crypto to support authentication, integrity, confidentiality, and authorization.

Processes for the Lifecycle

Security by design is the right approach. We’re happy to talk about processes supporting this approach, starting from goal setting to risk assessments to specifying requirements.

Security for Embedded MCUs

Embedded microprocessors are increasing offering better, built-in cybersecurity features. How to best leverage these features to have the most secure design is one of our favorite topics.

Impact of New Regulations

We’ve taken a close look at the new laws and regulations, specifically from the perspective of IoT device manufacturers and we ready to discuss what we have learned.